Saturday 15 October 2011

6Y9M 5Y0M 少しでも楽しそうって思ったことは If you think it might be interesting even only a bit...










I had been told that I would be just a meeting with about 20 people, and I went to an event organiser to get more details about my possible one-off translating job. It then turned out to be a signing ceremony at G hotel between a Japanese company and Malaysian company, with 400 guests and the consulate general of Japan and a government officer representing Prime Minister Najib as guest of honour.

No, no, I can't do it........ Adrian, who joined the meeting as he would be the English mc was a familiar face, we see him often at events in Gurney Plaza. I was so nervous to find the words to turn down the offer and go.

But the event orgeniser kept telling me it was so difficult to find a Japanese mc in Penang. And I would only have to read a Japanese script, which I would translate Adrian's English script, beforehand. I still had in my mind that I would probably look for someone else to do this, but decided to just take it.

When I said to Akiko a couple of days later,"I feel I can't do it and I have to turn it down, but I often feel it might be interesting at the same time, this makes myself so stressful" she said, "It is always better to go for it if you think it might be fun even a bit."

Thank you, Akiko. Then I made up my mind. But....

My voice is quite low, and I can't speak clearly in general. On top of that, I am wearing braces. I could never read the script without stammers.

I had no fear about getting nervous in front of people, but I was worried about making mistakes. With the Japanese script, there are lot of Japanese who can do this job better than me. This thought made me a bit depressed and stressful.

The day before. I originally had 2 appointments with friends but both were cancelled. I just walked into the Spa in Gurney Hotel to have 1.5 hour massage. It made me so wind-down. Probably this worked good on me, during the signing ceremony, I think I was quite ok. It wasn't as bad as I thought, although I had lots of areas to improve and I stammered once over a Malaysian's name. (These photos are from some Newspaper site.)

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