Wednesday 12 October 2011

6Y9M 5Y0M ラグビー Rugby




だけど、こうなってくると、オールブラックスを応援するしかない。日曜日はアルゼンチン相手だったので楽勝。このパブ(ストレイツキーのHealy Mac)、どうもアルゼンチン人が多いなあって思っていたら、一試合前にサウスアフリカを負かしたオーストラリア人サポーター達だった。


It's already quarter finals. On Saturday, 2 of my favourite countries lost. We let our boys to play games on iPad and our phones, and managed to stay at a pub for 2 matches. But when 2 teams you are supporting lose, you will also feel depressed.

I've always supported England or Ireland, I've sang Sweet Chariot many times. My heart is still with England and it was so difficult to support All Blacks. That was what I felt 2 weeks ago.

But now, no choice. On Sunday, All Blacks won against Argentine. I was surprised to see so many Argentinian supporting their country at our usual pub, Healy Mac. Well, they were all Australians!

The semi finals this weekend will be very good matches. I also like French rugby.

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