Friday 7 October 2011

6Y9M 5Y0M 慣れるってすごいな This year, it was so easy.

今年も素人モデルでLuscious Ladies イベントに参加。






I did modelling again. (Non-professional one, of course.)

When Maggie asked me to do it again, I was reluctant. I was afraid that my fellow Japanese would think I was to vain if I did it again. (Anyway I'm wearing braces now!!) So I looked for someone who wanted to do it in my place. I had asked about 10 of my Japanese friends before I finally decided to do it.

Maggie told me most of the models from the last year were doing again. It was quite an eye-opener. I didn't know Europeans were so vain! Or I should say, fun-loving and confident. I must have been too self conscious. My friend, Andrea was also in the same group. I made up my mind only a week before the event.

The top I chose from TAMASHA was very sexy. You can see the cleavage. I had to wear my only push-up bra and still showing it! I think this was the reason that I was totally relaxed, nothing-to-lose kind of feeling! I didn't get nervous at all!!!!! Just enjoyed it.

Getting used to something is great!

I also enjoyed seeing my friends' surprising faces. I don't usually wear make-up nor do my hair properly and I was totally transformed and looked so different after make-up artist and hair dresser had me done. The Maggie's group raised 40,000RM from the event!!


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