Saturday 10 March 2012

7Y2M 5Y5M 古希と喜寿 70 and 77 years old celebration






We celebrated my father's 77 years old birthday and my mother's 70's birthday. In Japan both 77 and 70 are one of the milestones and we usually have a big celebrations.

This time, my parents have really enjoyed their stay in Penang.

My father, particulary, has spent really busy 3 weeks. He played golf and badminton once a week, and the rest of the mornings, he went to play table tennis near Sri York. I only dropped him off and the members of the table tennis group is mainly the local Chinese. My father doesn't speak English, but interestingly they communicated very well. Oh, he also changed his hair style, it's for summer.

My mum has tried eye brow tattoo. She now wants to come back in summer for 3 months to study English. She also wants to find social dance circles to join and probably wants to try yoga too.

I've given each of them a mobile and a set of keys. They are now also familiar with calling a taxi, Taxi Lim who speaks Japanese, so they are free from my care, which is easier for me.

In summer in Japan, it's hotter and much hard than here, in winter, it's of course better to be here. So it's not too ambitious to come and stay in Penang for 3 months in summer and winter. Aratakara has got lots of attentions from their grandparents, which has been a good influence on them. Jason and I are also happy to have them here longer as they help the house work or cooking a lot!!

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