Sunday 8 April 2012

7Y3M 5Y6M ワンガヌイ What you can do in Wanganui


Lots of play grounds. They are well-maintained. Kowhai park can be enjoyed by bigger children too. 

週末はミニトレインも走る。At weekends, a mini train runs.

公園の一角にバーベキューが無料でできるところがあって(ガスもつく)、勝手に材料を持って行けばバーベキューができるところが何箇所かあってびっくり。ピクニックが簡単。これはBason Botanical Gardenのバーベキューピット。

I've seen a few BBQ pits inside of parks. They are gas-operated and free of charge. We can just take some food stuff, then have a BBQ. This is at Bason Botanical garden.

Bushyパークでは原生林の中を散歩。Walking in a native forest - Bushy park.


There are many unique plants and birds in New Zealand. Pukeko is one of the favourites by kids and tourists because the colour combination is perfect (my favourite blue in it). Kiwi (bird) and Pukeko are most popular characters of NZ souvenirs. Pukekos are found among ducks and swans. Aratakara enjoy looking for them.

Virginiaレイクのプケコ。Pukeko at Virginia Lake.

野生の鹿がいる公園 This is a park full of wild deer.

Whanganui川の蒸気船 Steam boat at Whanganui river.

昔のトラム Old tram.


通行止め Can't go through!

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