Friday 8 March 2013

8Y2M 6Y5M 3年生の発表 Year 3 assembly


アラタなぜか台詞なし。全員で歌う時も後ろのほうに隠れてあまりやらないし、楽しそうでもない。 (いつもの事だが覇気がない。)









Year 3 assembly about the recent residential trip to Jerkerk.

Arata didn't say anything during the performance. He didn't seem to be enjoying the singing while other kids are. (It's normal for Arata, he always looks bored.)

Anyway, I could still remember that Arata had a line as he tried to learn it by heart as homework. Being asked, he said, "The teacher forgot I had a line, and my classmates also forgot about it as it wasn't printed on the script"

Whaaaaaat? Actually his line was handwritten on the script given out. The teacher forgot to give him a line when she was creating it, and she must have realised Arata didn't have any, so that she added an extra one on 'his 'script, but forgot about that, and noone else was asked to add it to their script! The saddest truth is the teacher forgot about Arata in the first place, though.

They had a rehearsal yesterday, but Arata couldn't plug up his courage to ask the teacher why his turn was skipped. He didn't tell me either, so I didn't know until too late. In British system, quiet children can't survive? Teachers don't seem to pay much attention to those quiet.

I can remember one of the teachers from Japanese school told me that Arata must be well off in Japanese school environment. This time I seriously think we should transfer him. Even Jason was angry and quite agree with me.

Arata hasn't been mentally stable in the last couple of weeks. Suddenly he started to cry saying we told him off more often than Takara, or he said, "I don't like myself" a couple of days ago. What made his self esteem so low?? Was it linked to today's incident?

Is it my bad parenting? Or my feeling of insecurity reflects on Arata...?

We have to help Arata quickly.


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