Thursday 6 March 2014

9Y2M 7Y5M 学校での様子 Aratakara at school

At a newly opened cafe 新しくできたカフェにて



Got a star badge for music 音楽でスターバッチをもらう






Had a parent-teacher meeting at SCIPS.

Takara's teacher just went through his report, and our meeting finished in 2 mins. One thing she pointed out was his spelling test. She said, "As long as Oliver does spelling homework, he should be alright." Recently he was downgraded to the bottom of their literacy group in his class. It's mainly because his spelling test results were getting worse and worse. He didn't do this homework in the past 2 or 3 months. And I didn't really realise that! No wonder.... 

Anyway, Takara has started to take it seriously and he does some spelling homework now and then, and the mark have gone back to more or less full again.

Arata's teacher told me he is doing very well, considering he doesn't speak English at home. Arata goes to a class conducted by a special education teacher once a week. It's a class for quiet children. I talked to the teacher. She told me they don't try to change the personality if they are quiet by nature, just try to help them build more confidence. Arata is quiet even at home, and I don't think he will get much benefits from the class in that sense, but his class teacher thinks it's still good for him, and as Arata doesn't complain about it, it's a good idea to have more chance to talk for him anyway.

After talking to this special education teacher, I thought it must have been for me when I was child. I wasn't confident at all and was so quiet at school, never raised my hand to answer questions. But I was very noisy at home....

We don't  arrange a tutor nor send them to any English tuitions. So Aratakara only have a pressure of finishing homework. I don't think they get much pressure of studying, which is good for them. I feel I am lucky that they were born to be not so bad.

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