Saturday 8 March 2014

9Y2M 7Y5M きんちゃん Boys' goldfish





Aratakara's first pet, a goldfish, Kinchan, has gone to heaven.They got it last year at Yosakoi fish-catching stall. She was a strong one, and chased away other bigger fish and made them stressed to vulnerable to disease. After she became the only one in the fish tank, she was swimming freely with elegance, and growing bigger.

The reason is apparent. We put lots of fish boys got from this year's Yosakoi in the same tank. Akko-chan told me before that we shouldn't do it from her experience, and I was well aware of that, but it happened.... Within one week, all died.

Kinchan was the last one, and  we all hoped for the miracle. Arata especially cried a lot. Boys had wanted to have a hamster but they've never brought it up again. We made a small resting place for her.

I was also really tired. Every morning, I found a couple of dead fish in the tank. It was so stressful, and in the end even Kinchan was gone. Probably Jason, who was the de facto caretaker was affected most.

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