Saturday 2 August 2014

9Y7M 7Y10M ゆうと Yuto





Yuto is Arata's friend since Taska Nania. Not only he lives in the same condominium but he played an important role for Arata to settle in PJS smoothly. Ms Shimizu told me Arata always follwed Yuto...

Unfortunately Yuto and his brother Yuta have moved to Japan with their mum. His father is still in Penang but Yuta needed to go to school in Japan for a while to improve his Japanese as he failed entrance tests to PJS twice and he had nowhere to go although he was supposed to get compulsory education.... Their plan is to stay in Japan till the end of this school year and will join PJS next April.

To be accepted by PJS is getting difficult. If your children want to go to PJS from international or local school, they have to take an entrance tests. which is a new policy started at the beginning of this year. Arata took an interview and written test of 4 papers! He spent nearly 1 hour to finish them all. His Kanji was terrible but luckily he was allowed to join.....

Anyway, while they were back to Penang for summer, my boys and Yuta &Yuto played lots.

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