Tuesday 6 July 2004

16W 1D 麦茶 Barley Tea



オフィスでは紅茶を何杯も飲んでいたのを、どうにか半分ちょっとは麦茶に切り替えようと思っている。きょう、同僚の Ed に、ほんの少し、試しに飲んでみなよってトライさせると、ちょっとなめて、顔をしかめて、「なんだか、牛乳をかけたシリアルを食べちゃった後にお皿に残った牛乳みたいな味がするわ」と言っていた。確かに Jason もあまり好きではない。この間の屋台で麦茶が売れない訳だ。カタリーナは好きだと言っていたが、彼女が変わっているのだろう。


Barley Tea

I've been drinking Barley tea since I learnt that it has no caffeine. Studies on the effects of caffeine on foetus has been still on its way but it is said that foetus's the ability of breaking down caffeine is not good enough and it tends to stay in the foetus body longer than in adults. And if you take lots of caffeine, you will suffer from anxiety, insomnia, excitement(?), hallucination, shiver, irregular heart beat.... Nothing wrong to avoid caffeine as well as alcohol and salt. Since I do not like drinking plain water, I've decided to take barley tea instead.

I brought back 54 bags of barely tea for 1 litre from Japan. I prefer slightly weaker tea and I usually use one bag for 2 to 3 litres of water. Well, I'm quite an 'about' person. What I do is to push one tea bag to a bottle of 1.5 or 2 litres of mineral water. After drinking a cup or two, I add some more water to the bottle to dilute it.

I want to try to reduce the amount of tea I take at work. Hopefully, half of the tea intake will be replaced by the barley tea. I gave a bit of barely tea to Ed to try. She smelled, sipped and grimaced then said, 'This is like cereal tea! The milk after you finish eating all the grains from a cereal bowl.' I can remember Jason does not like barley tea, either. No wonder we were unsuccessful to sell barely tea at the summer festival... Katariina likes it. She may be a bit different gaijin...

By the way, I feel like eating rice balls when I have barely tea. Is it only me?

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Anonymous said...

Barley tea is great, I bought some last weekend at Japan Centre for only £1.99!!(sale price).It tastes smokey and delicious, I will definately buy more if it is not too expensive. Very refreshing too, it all depends on individual taste. I suppose one has to culture one's taste and enjoy it. You have found one person here who supports your verdict. This is the first time I ever tasted it.
At present I have 1.5 litre sitting in the fridge at work.>