Friday 11 March 2005

+10W 4D ベイビーマッサージ Baby massage

昨日はSteel Lane Clinicのベイビーマッサージに行った。ヘルスビジターの開催の1時間の集まりで、お茶やお菓子代として40P(80円)。マッサージをみんなでするのは最後の15分ぐらい。あとは他のママさん達とおしゃべりの場。




We went to Steel Lane clinic to attend a baby massage group yesterday. It's a 1 hour session and only 40P including sweet and tea. The group is run by health visitors. We do massage in the last 15 minutes, and the rest of the time is rather socialising time.

We give baby massage using oil. When I was giving Arata a nice shoulder massage, I suddenly felt a warm sensation on my right thigh. Bloody hell! Arata is peeing!!! He was making such a nice arc to my thigh!!! Arata often pees when we change his nappies, so I'm always very careful and change nappies very quickly. Because of this, I was a bit worried and even asked a health visitor, 'Are we going to take off baby's clothes? Are they not going to pee?' at the beginning of the session. Well, she said after Arata peed, 'When the mum is worried, baby senses it!'

Putting Arata on his stomach and giving back massage was also a problem. He wasn't used to be lying on his stomach and he could not tilt his head to the side to rest on the floor. He kept putting his face straight down to the floor and started to cry in the end. Other same weeks old babies were all enjoying massages but Arata didn't. We have to put him on his stomach more often to let him practice.

We went to Gorolana's flat this afternoon. Her daughter Monika is 5 weeks older than Arata and when we first met her about a month ago, Arata looked so small. But he's definitely catching up.

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