Thursday 7 July 2005

+27W 3D 複雑な心境 It's so......

ロンドンで同時テロが発生。オールドゲイトは、Wappingから近い。BBCの24時間ニュースでは、上空からの映像を流している。もちろん、私たちが一ヵ月前まで住んでいたフラットも映しだされる。暇さえあれば、ウインドウショッピングに通っていた、Canary Wharfの高層ビルも見える。そして、怪我人が多く搬送された、Royal London Hospital(日本の新聞では「王立ロンドン病院」となっていた)からの生中継。Royal London Hospitalは、シティに近く、私がアラタを産んだ病院。



Coordinated terrorist attack in London has become reality. One of the locations, Aldgate is close to Wapping. On BBC 24 news, they were showing the live image of the area from the air. You could see our ex-flat building. They were also showing Canary Wharf, the area I often went window shopping. And lots of live coverage from the Royal London Hospital, where most of the casualties were transferred. The Royal London Hospital is the biggest hospital close to the city, and, yes, it's the hospital I had Arata.

I went to the hospital much much more than normal pregnant women. I went there for fibroid pains, suspected waters break, ultrasound on kidneys, suspected pregnancy diabetes, 3 days hospitalisation from dehydration and finally labour..... At first I didn't like the place. I wanted more modern hospital. But gradually, I was getting attached to the place. It's surreal to see the hospital for such terrible reasons.

When thinking about the children who have lost their parents or the parents who have lost their children, my heart really aches. While I kept watching the TV coverage, Arata is playing and smiling happily as usual. I hug him and say, 'This world is getting difficult place to live...' Feeling powerless towards one's destiny but I still know I have to protect Arata as much as I can. I shiver from the amount of the responsibility that Arata's arrival has brought to me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chiko-chan

I was worried about you and glad you are safe.


Anonymous said...

We are all fine!! Thank you!>

Anonymous said...

I am glad all of you are safe :-)>

Anonymous said...

laksaさん、怖い事件が起こっちゃったよねー。日本でもtop newsだったよ。4箇所も爆破だなんて本当に恐ろしい世の中になったもんだね。子供がいるからこういう事件がもっと怖く感じられない?しかもあらたんを産んだ病院からの中継だなんてすごく身近だったんだね。精神的にショック来てない?大丈夫?

Anonymous said...

Dear Chizu,

Just read about the bombing in London, n glad that all of u r ok.

Takecare, Q>

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ryan.

Thank you for worrying about us. We are fine. Do you live in Singapore? How did you get to know our site?>

Anonymous said...

Diegoさん、知り合いも全員無事で一安心。そうだね、子供がいるからますますこういう事件は怖いね。今日もエリザベス女王がRoyal London Hospitalに行ったのでニュースになっていて、また、出産のことを思い出しちゃった・・・。

Hello, Q!

Yes, we are all ok! Thank you for dropping a message! How are you all doing?>

Anonymous said...

My Mom did a search on some recipes, and found some keywords in your blog. Yes, I live in Singapore now, but I will go to USA to live with my Daddy and big brother this coming Wednesday.>

Anonymous said...

I am glad everyone is fine. I had many friends in London who lived near the explosion sites.
Nakazato is an Okinawan name...I miss Okinawa because I went to university there...>

Anonymous said...

Am pleased to hear you are all well after last week's events. My love to the London branch of the family!

Kate xo>

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kate. Yes we are all well, say Hi to the rest of our Australian family, hope to see you sometime soon.>