Monday 17 December 2007

2Y11M 1Y2M 直しました Fixed!







I took Takara to children's hair salon at Trotters in Guildford.

Arata had his first cut at Trotters in Kings Road.

Both salons have a fish tank in front of the chairs to look at. Unlike Arata, who was crying all the way, Takara was fine.... till the last 5 minutes. He had a 'first hair cut' certificate with a set of his first curl.

After Jason's cut, the half of Takara's hair was very short, because he cut not only front but also side hair to the same length, and the rest was long. When I said, "His daddy cut his front fringe so short... can you fix it?", the hairdresser said, "It's often a grandma who cuts children's hair so short." She understood my feelings and did it nicely! Takara looks very mature now. Personally I prefer him with longer hair, though.

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なんだ~、可愛かったのに・・・。 つまんな~い。>