Sunday 7 December 2008

3Y11M 2Y2M 大人の時間 Time for grown-ups







We've started to sleep in the separate room from Aratakara since we moved to Malaysia. I've tried to follow Chiho's advice and leave their bedroom once we finish reading bed-time story, saying, "Good night. It's time for grown-ups now."

For them, it was their habit that we slept next to them when they went to sleep and in the beginning, they cried. But they have started to at least in the bedroom once we get out, and they sometimes play together a bit in the double bed they share and go to sleep.

If I lie down with them in bed, I often fall asleep, even before them. Even if I don't fall asleep, it takes up lots of my (our) time. So it doesn't matter for me if they are still playing in bed or not as long as we can have our own time.

Takara tends to stay up longer than Arata even though he doesn't usually have a nap during day any more. He often sings a couple of songs alone, as Arata won't be waken up once he is at sleep, then go to sleep. But from time to time, he tries to escape the room. But as we pick up and put him back to bed quietly, ignoring him, he immediately goes back to bed when we show a slight sign that we are walking towards him who is about to escape!

Today he was talking to himself for a while at the door of their bedroom. When we realised next time, he was already sleeping on his booster.

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