Wednesday 30 May 2012

7Y5M 6Y7M 幼稚園最後の運動会 Last sport day at Nania





Takara enjoys being one of the biggest children at Nania. He apparently behaves better and looks after younger children very well.

Takara helps younger friends by helping things done, especially he likes to make origami craft for them. I often get comments like 'Oliver takes care of my child, thank you.'

We had Nania's sport day last Sunday. This is Takara's last sport day. He did the performance done by only big children from both Japanese and English classes very well. This is how he was 2 years ago!

Unfortunately, Takara has only 2 more months at Nania before moving up to SCIPS. I feel sorry that he won't be able to graduate from Nania with other friends.

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